20 SUNSHINY YELLOW HOME DECOR- Shades From Dusk To Dawn!

yes, we never wished for sun in our little jars, but without doubt sun has been as inspiration. Stars and moon are toys. Sun is an experience. How it carries so many stories inside itself. And how it comes out every day(yes, he decides to stay in during rainy days) to again fill us all with energies. 

Our sun today is beaming to tell another story, it’s…



candles, with huge varieties now in markets- online & offline make for one of the easiest ways to decorate homes. With just a little styling you can have a beautiful corner at home with these pretty candles- lit or unlit. And now that we’ve a li’l inspiration and lots of ideas of ‘how to’ from our previous post on candle arrangements; we can now do…


20 ELEGANT HOME INTERIORS- Inspired By Audrey Hepburn!

that’s Exactly who she is for us..Audrey Hepburn. Someone who is incomparable to any of them. She fit in any role and inspired us all girls to be like her. You say,’ Paris is always a good idea’. We say, ‘You are Paris for us’. She is classy and chic even when she has just woken up. She loves both floral and black & white alike