Bowl Set With Tray by Exclusive Lane @Fab Furnish

Decoration or a change in setting for me is like a stress buster. Gets me out of that boredom that sets in. And many of you wont agree, but a change here and there once in a while, is quite an inspiration! But sometimes change in decor means getting new trendy ones home. Like how they keep creating new things and why can't we have it… 

Parrot jar set with tray


You are for sure lucky if you’ve a garden in this ever vertically rising world. If not, at least a space for outdoor setting. You’ve yet another space to indulge in everyday things and deck it up too. Mostly our gardens are the welcoming notes of our homes, they are the first impressions. We feel it’s imperative that we up keep it and also keep changing it every once in a while. If you do gardening yourself, then this would become all the more fun. In our ongoing love for stripes, we can’t ignore the gardens or even balcony garden for that matter, especially when we’ve talked about them in detail in our previous few posts.


since this is the last week of our theme ‘Green and its associations’, we didn’t want to leave out green colored wallpapers. Wallpapers play quite an important role in how a room looks. Whenever you think of going for a renovation in terms of design of your house, do consider wall papers, they not only create a very striking look but also play a very significant role while choosing other decor items. You’ll get an idea of how you want your room to look like, there is no rule saying you can’t choose your wallpaper first.

Today we’ve selected a range of wallpapers around the color green. The ideas are from subtle small prints to bold textured colors. But they all speak for themselves….