Don’t let anger become a part of you!

Anger, in today’s time is something many of us are dealing with,  and not quite greatly. Whether it’s self control or being a passive participant with someone struggling with it, it’s very much a part and parcel of our lives. 

Lack of will

Most of us don’t really do anything about it, so that ‘part’ which is quite editable becomes us. It’s known to all of us that mind isn’t in great position when anger is in charge but we fail to fight it most of the times because of lack of will. 

Researchers have time and again pointed out that anger can lead to unnecessary stress which in turn can prove to be a health hazard.


The very first thing that one who goes through it should do is to accept. Only then can one find the will to overcome anger. 
There shouldn’t be much struggle after the acceptance and the willingness.

Meditation and therapy 

It definitely won’t be easy either, but there are ways where one can start from where he is. From the closed doors of your home, you can start with meditation and relaxation. You can look for an online therapy  , which has proven beneficial for many. Doors will suddenly open with choices of paths the moment you wish to let go of your anger, which has given you nothing but repent all your life, for getting the better of you, every time you are in an unwanted situation.

Our thoughts..

As far as we are concerned, we can suggest one small thing whenever you are angry and are about to burst, is to try and say ‘bubbles’ a couple of times, because we are quite sure- there is no angry way to say bubbles!

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