here is a folktale of somebody called jumpy juggly and how his jigs inspired us to create a home decor photo montage!!

There came a short man with jumpy juggly trait

Children clapped and sang when he lay them straight

[Tub thumping..]

Jumping through fire rings and juggling four ice balls

Missing them intentionally, they simply loved his falls

[By the evening..]

It’s cold and it’s dry, as he wraps today’s show

Hurries back to under bridge, lest his bed gets tow’d

[Stomach burning..]

No penny in his joker hat, just a few naïve smiles

He looked here and there and in all those piles

[Ice breaking..]

As he felt his bag and fumbled the thermocol box

He gave a smirk to himself as he found those rocks

[Day dreaming..]

No a girl he didn’t want, he was a man not so dandy

Just a bowl full of nuts and a glass filled with brandy

[False awakening..]

Rolling them to his cup, he put them on fire

 They crackle as they melt, he is felt with this desire

[Heart pelting..]



All his days he was a joker man, one couplet would suffice

What his life has been – either Fire or Ice!!

A penny for your thoughts!


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