Let’s simplify food, really?

When lockdown was announced because of the pandemic, all of us unanimously agreed that we would simplify food since there is going to be other work loads and not enough time. So essentials were bought accordingly. Things that could be easily cooked and faster as well. 


Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!


But, that was never to be. With very few entertainment options left and no where to go, food, good food has become our entertainment. With every member of the family trying their hands in cooking something or the other. 

In-house chefs

The eager wait isn’t just for eating, but also for cooking. Yes, cooking elaborate recipes is suddenly the new fad. And thus, born are chefs and master chefs of the house. Cooking, serving, clicking pictures before eating, has become our new regular. 

Vegetarian food is here to stay!

Another important point to note is that, vegetarian recipes have found a new depth with revival and renovation as many of us are avoiding eating non vegetarian food.


The menu card


From Pastas and Momos to Panipuris and Cutlets, Biryanis  and Jalebis; there is no stone unturned in trying delicacies from the menu card. We try to bring in our own twist to each one of them. We can’t wait for the reviews from each member of the family, their words feel like salvation.

We look through websites for new recipes and keep checking on our favorite restaurants to see if they have started delivering even if we know, that it’s still a long way before we can actually order.

We subconsciously open refrigerators to look for some binge eating even after we have just finished one our meals. And so we say, ‘Dear stomach, you are bored not hungry, so shut up !’

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