Candles- our easy home décor accent!

candles, with huge varieties now in markets- online & offline make for one of the easiest ways to decorate homes. With just a little styling you can have a beautiful corner at home with these pretty candles- lit or unlit. And now that we’ve a li’l inspiration and lots of ideas of ‘how to’ from our previous post on candle arrangements; we can now do a little shopping..So go on choose your fave, your style..

Classic candles are still popular & we love them too!

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Boxed candles

The favorite style doing rounds these days are canned(tin, glass, paper) candles with lids. Once used, you can always put the lid back on , and it continues to deck up the home. Another good reason to have a boxed candle is to avoid dust that could accumulate when not in use.

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The classics

Browns, beiges and whites are still some people’s choice but not without a little twist. 

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The ever cool blue

Blue is our favorite color out posts inspired by sea(here & here). So this one is for us- we feel blue never cease to have a cooling effect and perfect color choice especially during summers

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Anything wooden not only gives a feeling of going natural but it also invokes an aroma leaving around positive energy. And how lovely they look!

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And others..

Then there are others in any style, color you can imagine. Choose wisely which one’s match and suit your home the most.

Some feel candles are girly.. we beg to differ here.  There are now varieties that would make you think twice. And one can’t deny how aromatic candles are a great mood instiller!!

A penny for your thoughts!

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