Laptop Stand Made of Bamboo by Giskaa!

Bamboo- there is always a feeling of nostalgia with this particular material. Compact in size, this bamboo laptop stand has perfect a slant that you require to work comfortably while on bed or even on your table, was spotted on Giskaa pronounced dʒɪskaa stands for and supports everything natural. All it’s products are in someway inspired by nature. More reason for me to push for this product!


Bamboo Laptop Stand!

Instant love for simple things

As I’ve always maintained and mentioned that I instantly fall for simple things, I don’t need to tell you why I’m loving this minimal Bamboo Laptop Stand! That said, I do need to mention that since my early childhood was spent in the north-eastern part of India, I’ve a special affinity for bamboo and cane products- you can say a soft-corner! Even today my home is full of cane furniture and accents.

Simple, Eco Friendly!

Detailing taken care of!

In order to stop the laptop slipping away, the stand has a cane ledge on the edge to support it! (oo I’m good at rhyming words, read my quotes here, here and here too.)

More Information:

Price : INR 723/-

Dimensions :  16.5″ x 10.5″ x 2″

Weight : 350 g

Get your hands on this Eco-friendly, back to nature Laptop Stand and do your bit in going green!


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