red Orange and Yellow together they are called warm colors and rightly so. They are main colors of Fire but they rather make for a warmer(read comfortable) look and feel when used as various elements around home. They have the capability of going with most of the things – different textures & colors!

red orange yellow pom pom ball decoration on door

Together they are a tried and tested combination- go on use them without another thought.

red orange yellow pendant

Whether it is hung from the ceiling as a pendant..

red orange yellow craspedia

or decking up a vase as craspedia on the floor.. always as cool!!

red orange yellow floral throw pillow red orange yellow ikat throw pillow


red orange yellow stripe throw pillow

Accents in these combo are best in the form of throw pillows- whether Floral, Ikat or Stripes- choose whatever pattern that suits your home and liking the best!

red orange yellow with white living woom

Here, the base color is kept as white to maintain a balance. Red, orange and yellow are used in so many accents creating a bright summer(y) look.

red orange yellow, with beige and brown living room

In the interior image above, a different thing is tried and we are loving it- Off white & browns with the warm colors.

beige with red orange yellow living room

Have to agree, a very sober look this with bright warm colors balanced perfectly with beige- would love to try this look at home someday!!

colorful living room- sunset orange yellow

Loving how colors are playing in this interior- the larger element sofa in plain sunset orange & other colors with white in the backdrop makes for a perfect summer living scenario.

red orange yellow magnetic pendants

Loved these magnetic pendants but couldn’t understand their use exactly.. do you have an idea??

red orange and yellow vintage organizer

This vintage desktop organizer is great even today.

red orange yellow tin boxes

Now, who can say no to these red, orange & yellow tin boxes?

hand painted orange pot

This is a hand painted terracotta flower pot- there are multiple things you can do with this…let your imagination do the rest.

sunset colors coffee table center piece

Same goes for this amazing coffee table center piece.

Even though they are warm colors- they can used during summers for a cooling effect in combination with neutral colors and others. So intead of blue, try warm colors this summer..

A penny for your thoughts!

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