we all wished for stars and moon as kids and how we wanted to store them in our little jars. Even though none of us wished for sun, as grown ups we all know how important sun is for all of us and how we can use it’s energy endlessly. We never thought while looking for something that goes with our current topic FireItUp, we’ll find something so perfect- the Sun Jar!

The LED light inside the jar is engineered to be energy efficient and is as bright as an actual candle. The first use may require 5 hours charging. Charging it is very simple; keep it outside in the sun, or near a sunlit window. Since the Sun Jar is both waterproof and weatherproof, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  ~Solar powered LED light

  ~Weatherproof construction

  ~Great for outdoor and indoor space

  ~Charges in bright sunlight

  ~Rechargeable battery

How it works~


Get yourself one from- ZANSAAR!

Price of the Sun Jar: INR 1,299/-

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