Shades of yellow around home

yes, we never wished for sun in our little jars, but without doubt sun has been as inspiration. Stars and moon are toys. Sun is an experience. How it carries so many stories inside itself. And how it comes out every day(yes, he decides to stay in during rainy days) to again fill us all with energies.

How our elders give example of why sun sets- to rise up again every morning. How hope is like sun. How a new beginning in often compared to mornings.

When we are hope hopen- sun  comes to our rescue. Not to mention how sun is responsible for sustaining life on earth. How its warmth during winter afternoons soothe us. And how sun is a source vitamin D(have you taken your today’s doze yet?)

Sun is one, sun is special and it’s not going anywhere as long as we are here. This is precisely why it’s an inspiration. It gives us a strength to carry on. It doesn’t finish if you consume it. Its free for all, you can use it as per your liking.

Our sun today is beaming to tell another story, it’s  our fave. A home décor sun story.

What’s the color of sun – yellow. Today’s home décor is sun’s color inspired- is yellow. The yellow yellow, the mellow yellow, the yellow at the hello…Just sit back and enjoy!

Shades of sun, well not literally!

Photo by JD Hancock

How do you capture the colors of yellow- like this!

Don’t be scared of yellow- it is even good one over another.

This would sell for diamonds now- we didn’t realize it’s value back then!

How these ceiling installations become artwork.

And how yellow seems to belong dining & kitchen area the most.

They work amazing as accent walls whether its bathroom, bedroom or your living room.

Now you can’t be scared of this mustard sofa, can you?!

Or these yellow side boards- get inspired & DIY yours to yellow.

Chairs are also a fave item to paint yellow, whether its for your home office, Your garden chair, your dining chair or that chair decorated at the hallway!!

The other way to use this bright color is to use it on just a few parts and pieces around home- door, window rims, rack slabs.

Vintage at it’s best.

And If you find nothin’ yellow at home- yellow flowers will do the magic.

A penny for your thoughts!

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