[[today, we are acting God & showering rain without clouds. Actually our ‘water-patter’ theme is incomplete without a little rain fable…]]

She felt it from the wind

The smell it carried…

It had rained somewhere.

Her hand out of the car window in expectation…

No it isn’t even drizzling..

She felt bereaved for a moment..

Then with all her inner strength ordered for a session..

A session with the rain and herself..

Hand in hand performing..

Performing just for themselves..

The window rolled-up,

She closed her eyes too 

Then suddenly she could hear it..

Hear the song she longed to hear..

The pitter patter of the drops and the droplets..

Little at the outset but enough to drench her soul..

Yes, they were pouring

She jumped out.

Face to face with the clouds now

Clouds with it’s one fierce thunder tried to scare her

But today nothing at all could stop her

It was a day to be herself again (like in those childhood days)

Face to face now, her make-up all washed-off,

Her imperfections showed

She smiled as she felt lighter..

With buttons of pretense undone

At dusk, she was she..

A penny for your thoughts!

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