Anniversary Party!!

july 1st is special. Very special. It was on this day last year that we started this journey called medesignwe. has been a space where we shared all things great and worth mentioning as far as home décor and design world is concerned. Up until now we’ve been able to give a professional approach to it. But on the personal level we’ve never been able to discuss, deliberate, talk about it with our family and friends. So when 1st of July was approaching we thought we can have a party @home for all these people and celebrate.  But then 1st of July is Tuesday and we definitely don’t want people to leave their work and come to our party. And just when we were still thinking I got a mail alert from FabFurnish for a post called #FabTGIF.

Now, that would be a great co-incidence. And also a pusher to finally host this kind of a party at home- our first.

Our generic version

This is what we were waiting for, I guess. We thought we’ll make full use of this opportunity to plan and chalk out things thoroughly. We also thought apart from a few on the spot decisions; we’ll plan out in such a way that this same plan can be useful to others and ourselves too later again.

First was obviously a ‘checklist’. Again, this is only for main points and will change according to the kind of party being organized. You can save the list and work around it if and whenever you are hosting a party. This is our first of kind party and we wanted people to always have sweet memories of it. So here goes our ‘do’ Checklist: 

Now let’s elaborate this –

1Select date

We’ve already chosen our date. After a weeklong of hard work, everybody wants to party hard. A Friday evening marks the start of a weekend. A party on Friday means two things: 1) a good start of the weekend & 2) You can wake-up late on a Saturday morning even if you partied till late.

2Who is invited?

Need to make a list of everyone invited. It’s always better to invite similar kind of people to a personal party at home so that when you are not around, they can be comfortable with each other. Also so that you don’t feel divided between casual and not so casual interactions. So we’ve decided to call our friends most of them are friends with each other too. Also important is to keep in mind the number of guests coming!

3Theme/Dress code

We did not think of any theme in particular but we thought since the ongoing theme of is Browns & Beiges, we thought we will ask our guests to sport anything they like in one of these colors.

4Send Invites

We know it’s a tedious thing to send invites when your guest is a call away. Still we thought sending invites would mark the start of an intersting party.  And when it’s a short notice as this we better use email invites. Doing what we like to do- we created this invite to send out. Download a similar printable version(blank) invite if you wish to hand them out to your bunch of guests. (For download check download tab after the post.)

5What’s cooking?

The menu has to be according to what is loved by guests the most and what you could present before them the best. We thought of snacky snack- where the portions will be filling but there will be no main course. We thought serving this would be easy and many of them don’t need to be hot when served. So from Chinese, Italian to Indian snacks, it’s all going to be there. Ginger-garlic Chilly chicken, Pastas, Salads, Chicken tikka, chats, etc. is what we have planned. We wanted to spend more time chit-chatting, and sounded easy!

// 1Table runner- Blue // 2Table Mat Set of 6 // 3Square Table Mat Set of 6 // 4Brown Napkin Set of 6 // 5Beige Napkin Set of 6 // 6Table Mat Set of 6 // 7Table runner- Green // 8Table Mat- Stripes // 9Table Mat + Coaster Set of 6 // 10Table Mat

6Food area

Dining area has to have that special attention, because after all it is here that all the action(read mess) happens.

Choose your Table Mats(2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10) according to your dining table setting and color scheme. We’ve our ongoing theme as ‘Browns & Beiges’ here on medesignwe, and somehow we’re seeing them everywhere and loving them too. Loving these brown and beige embroidered napkins(4, 5).

You can either have a Table runner(1,7) running through your table or a Table Cloth. You can even use both of them together but make sure they don’t mismatch to avoid a clumsy look to the whole setting.

// Black & White Chair Pad

//Size Adjustable Apron   //Katie Alice Couture Apron

Just for fun

How about these pretty aprons and mittens? They are so pretty, one can wear them throughout the party!!

// Beige Dinner Set- Set of 42

After Table linen selection, who can say no to this beautiful dinner set. It’s a good 42 piece set. And even when we’ve planned to have a snacky-snack party, one would need the normal plates for serving one or two portions of everything. We can totally visualize this Dinner Set on our table runner and mat.


// Dip Dish        // Serving Platter Set of 3


 // Silver & White Platter         // Dip Platter


 // Serving Tray with Bowl Set of 4       // Spiral Platter

Since our party is going to be snack based we would require lots of platters for this purpose. And spoilt with choices, we are confused which to take home and which ones to leave, Dip-crust built in platters were one option but then again there are so many beautiful choices in that too.. 


//Drink Set- Set of 7    // Cutlery set- Set of 25

Don’t forget these- Glass Jugs with glasses and beautiful cutlery.

//1Tumbler Set of Six //2 Snack Picker //3Platter -Set of 2 //Serving Tray //5Napkin Holder

After the basics, a few accents are always a good attention gainers. We have chosen these five special accessories for our special treat. 


// Trolley Bar

We’ve chosen this for more reasons than one.

  • What a Beauty- this wood trolley!!
  • Easily movable
  • Compact
  • Can be used for other purposes when not in use

Since, most of us are occasional drinkers and we know we don’t need a large cabinet for storing old wines and glasses- this trolley is a great discovery. You can keep your just bought drinks, decorate it with few a accents and move around instead of getting up to make a drink for someone each time. And a major plus- it can help keep the amount drinks limited.

// Ice Bucket Stand

Loving this piece. Since the bar trolley is wood, Ice bucket can find it’s place here. Dripping/ melting won’t be an issue.


// Whisky Glasses Set of 6    // Whisky Glasses Set of 12


// Wine/Mocktail Glass         // Beer Mug- Set of 2

// Shot Glass- Set of 8

It’s not a nice idea to ask someone beforehand what they would like to drink even if it’s a casual party of close friends. You must keep a stock of everything, even if little. You never know what the person wants to drink at that spurt of the moment. Some of them may even opt out, so hoarding a few juices and cold beverages is also not a bad idea. And when your drink section is ready, it is best if it’s handed out in the kind of glasses its meant to be served onto. Glasses & more

// 1Bottle Neck Marker- Set of 8 // 2Wine Bottle Holder // 3Wine rack- Red // 4Party Napkins- Set of 20 // 5Round Bar Tray- Green // 6Rock Stone Grey Set of // 7Corkscrew // 8Red Floral Ashtray // 9Ice Bucket with Tong // 10Silver Peg Measurer

Party drinking is not just an action. It’s a conversation. It’s a game. It’s a li’l flirting. It’s also a showoff. And much more..Well, these bar charms are selected to evoke the exact same thoughts. For example, Bottle Markers(1) not only tell you to limit your drink but it can also be fun challenge activity- ‘If you drink beyond this, you’ve to sing us a song’! The Red wine rack(3) can  be complete showoff!! For more Bar tools, check here

// True Vino Wine Label Remover (Adhesive Stickers) 

Just For Fun

It’s not easy to giveaway those beautiful wine bottles when empty, but with hard stuck stickers they are of no use either. If you are one of us, you’d love this label remover(after party fun)!!

// 1Carpet Broom // 2Soap Dispensing Palm Brush // 3Drying Mat // 4Microfiber Mop // 5Bottle Brush Ideal For Cleaning Bottles, Long Glass & Cups // 6Microfiber Duster

Decking up home


The first step towards a beautiful home is a clean home(read spic and span). A clean home sends out a an welcoming signal. It’s very very important to have a spotless home. A fresh home for a short notice party like this not easy but you don’t have to worry much when there are endless tools and cleaning agents available at one place.

Carpets are the most ignored lots. Once a year or so we do vacuum clean them, but its imperative for its longevity and hygiene that we do it once or twice every month. This brush(1) comes in handy, use it for instantly clean carpet.

The crockery that we choose for the D-day whether old or new need to be washed carefully of dirt and grime before they could be put on the table. This Liquid soap dispenser(2) with brush would make this job very easy to do.

Once we clean the crockery, it’s always a good idea to dry them thoroughly before using. Drying mats(3) not only helps them dry without sticking, it’s also best used to avoid breaking.

// 7Carpet & Upholstery Interior Cleaner // 8Leather Cleaner // 9Floor Cleaner // 10Wood Floor Polish 

Then there are other products which help us in achieve a hygienic & fresh home. We’ve picked up these four. Carpet and upholstery cleaner(7) works for both your carpet and sofa upholstery if it’s material is fabric. Leather Cleaner(8) if the upholstery is in leather.

Wood floors do need extra care and one must avoid using water for this purpose, especially when we’ve this product(10) at hand.

Another important place that needs to be clean is the bathroom. Here’s what all you need to take care of:

  • clean toilet
  • Refill liquid soap dispenser
  • replace hand towel
  • you can even choose a wide variety of bath accents from here

// 1Fengshui coin aroma burner & diffuser // 2Air Freshener Dispenser With Remote // 3Abstract figures oil burner // 4Decor Aroma // 5Electric Oil Burner

Fragrant home

Now, don’t ignore this part and we particularly take care of this at home in our living room and also bathrooms. Aromatic home instills mood and your guests will definitely notice it.

Though we are deeply in love with aroma candles, we thought we’d try something different this time. For example fengshui products(1), they solve two purposes. Apart from harmonizing the environment- they work as a décor too.  Then there are electric ones, some with a remote control. If you too love them there are many more wide variety available here.

// 1Floral Light Blue Wallpaper // 2Drip Pendant Lamp Turquoise // 3Shilp Numbers Cut Out Wall Clock // 4Blue floral painting // 5Corner Rack // 6Yellow Antique Wood Globe // 7Ceramic Fish // 8Hammered Bowl // 9Brass Giraffe pair // 10Three Seater and Two Single Seater Sofa // 11Contemporary Cushion Cover  //12Cushion Cover With Felt Applique & Embroidery // 13Coffee Table // 14Brown & Green Floral Area Rug // 15Ottoman // 16Entertainment Unit

8 Decorating Living Room

We wanted to bring in Beige & Brown in our living room decor, but also knew that this needs another color to enliven the space. And so we brought in blue/green shade. This has not only accentuated the decor items but has also brought in brightness. We are thinking floor cushions / beanbags for extra seating and Voila!!

// 1Golden Vintage Photo Frame // 2Floral Box // 3Small gifts on cycle rickshaw basket // 4Candle Holder // 5PhotoFrame // 6Jaipuri Hanging Photo Frame // 7Delhi Monuments Shot Glass Pair // 8Rajasthani Enameled Metal Swans Set of 2 // 9Keepsake Box- Set of 3 // 10Accessories Organizer

9 Souvenirs-Handpicked & Gift Wrapped

This isn’t the necessary part, but since our party is about celebrating our website’s 1st anniversary, we wanted to give a little somethings to all who came and encouraged us to continue doing what we started an year back. We wanted to remind them of it whenever they looked at it. And, what better souvenirs than home décor accents!!

We ourselves are organizing freaks and when organizers(2, 9, 10) are so pretty, we don’t need to think twice.

Other things to remember

o    GamesThough housie is an all time fave, there are many more more interesting games available, made for exactly same parties.

o    Music: Our USB is ‘party-songs’ ready. You can do this, or make a dvd of your all time hits or even make a playlist on your PCs.

o    Dance: Your setting for the living room should be such that a liitle twist here & there can easily be done. Remove the coffee table to the side. Doing this would make enough space for a groove at home party.

o    Camera: Remember to charge your camera battery to capture all those fun moments.

10 After party



Stayovers-Sofa Beds

We know since the party is going last up till late night, some who come from far off and a couple of girls are going to stay over. When you have these beautiful sofa cum bed, you needn’t worry much. Only thing- which one is better??

Prepare bedroom before-hand

Last but not the least, it is very important to keep your bedroom away from your party. Pre-do your bed, bedsheets and throws, if possible with AC on, so that after you wind everything up, you can just fall on your bed and have a goodnight’s sleep.

We know now that playing host is not easy but with little planning and help from an absolute-one-stop-shop FABFURNISH, its not difficult either.

And in the end, all that matters was that the effort put in was totally worth it!

Now, we are party ready, we are pretty confident our party’s gonna rock!!

A penny for your thoughts

( has taken part in FABFURNISH‘S Fab Thank God It’s Friday Contest through this post)


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