Wire baskets Set of Two with Chalkboard Banner for Labeling!

we’ve already established that wire baskets are of great utility around home. Whether you are using it for kitchen, bathroom or even living room. It’s great lightweight organizer. Continuing with our search for greater selections, we found today a set of two basket organizers with labeling option. Don’t worry if you change the contents on frequent basis- this one is a framed chalkboard banner!!

Can be kept on the platform/slab/table or hung on wall for saving some space. Can easily store arbitrary stuffs in kitchen or toiletries (pour femme in one and pour homme in another) in the bathroom. One can even write notes for their partners with a card.

  • Color~ Black.
  • Size~ 13″W x 5-3/4″D x 12-3/4″H
  • Material~ Wire

​Get yourself one from White Owl Company!

Other places where it is available are:

Bonanza, Ebay & Dot & Bo

​This pair of basket is very versatile, which one do you choose for the day is entirely upon you!

A penny for your thoughts!

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  1. I saw a basket like that in the house my grandfather. I liked it because it really makes a vintage atmosphere there. And finally I found a vintage a basket seller here.

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