Summer Home Decor Inspirations

The biggest example of ‘change is good’ are seasons! How they come and go. But every time they come, there is newness to feelings. Not only literally but we feel determined of certain things when a new season arrives. Of course, a few weeks down one we start longing for the next one.

Summer? Bring comfort home!

We believe the same goes for home décor too. If not everything we must try to inculcate some things that are relative to the new season. Summer is here, sun blazing but there are many things that we can do to our homes to increase the comfort level that are also soothing to eyes. And that’s exactly the purpose of decorating a home- wholesome!

Summer is cool, we say- bring it on!

Longer days, better execution of plans

Summer mornings are early, the days are longer. We can plan a lot of things for the whole day. Cool mornings, bed on breakfast- nothing like it. What a great start to a day!

Mangoes- one of God’s best creation

One of the best things about summers are mangoes, oh! how they make us wait for one full year and take a full circle, just before we forget how they taste..

But foremost, never leave home empty stomach if you’ve to. How about a glass full of filling yet refreshing mango shake?! Mango coolers(shakes or lassi) are a ‘big yes’ on summer days..

Lemonades- yes please!

Another thing that keeps us going during sunny, sweaty summer afternoons are lemonades- they are life savers!!

Lighter, brighter summer colors

Pinks, yellows are whites become our fave colors for the season..

Make time for family

Outdoor settings are whites and blues. And evenings are the best times to spend with family & friends.

So as we lay down the bright white and yellow rug…

Knot the swings on the trees and open all the doors and windows in welcoming the super cool season called Summer… We feel immensely inspired..

Whether its an amalgamation of dull bright colors..

Or making outdoor green, green with the inside one..

Or bringing all brighter tints together..


Or floral..

Or even stripes… As a result, everything is equally loved.. for we feel happy during summers and happiness makes us love everything around!

All ideas shine on..

In conclusion, hope y’all feel equally inspired this summer and have great ideas in your kitty. Be creative- Fire it Up!!

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