Parrot jar set with tray Bowl set with tray

Decoration or a change in setting for me is like a stress buster. Gets me out of that boredom that sets in. And many of you wont agree, but a change here and there once in a while, is quite an inspiration!

But sometimes change in decor means getting new trendy ones home. Like how they keep creating new things and why can't we have it. Many a times, we could easily survive without them- they are not our needs but wants, and their sheer beauty makes us get them. Speaking of which, I recently spotted two such things from ExclusiveLane at, bowl set with tray! They totally have the capability of adding that extra charm your living room or dining room needs. They have this perfect rustic yet colorful finish. So, if you are looking for such sets or you want to add a rustic element to your table top, one of these two can be your best buy!

Available at :

Price, 1st one : Rs. 1088 (additional 20% off using "EOSS20" for limited period)

2nd one : Rs. 1191/- (additional 20% off using "EOSS20" for limited period)

Finish : Rustic

Material : Wood

For more information, check out their respective links or drop us a comment.

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