just yesterday we talked about outdoor settings featured in Good Homes. Coincidentally we chanced-upon another set of outdoor setting for your not so rainy days. 

|1| This setting of mauve and indigo is a perfect color combination to brighten-up the gloomy rainy days. This look is perfectly accentuated by tall glasses used as table decors. Backdrop of little sunshine and beautiful trees for such outdoor settings can never go wrong.

|2|  The second setting, a bar arrangement is dramatized by the masks and tiger print glasses. Mostly in the hue of dark brown, in table, tray, planter, mask- this setting has a little amusing affect to it.

|3| The third one again, a beautifully done fruit counter in zigzag table. Great use of glass all over for transparency, doing away a little with bulkiness.

More ideas for your garden as we step into last week of our theme ‘green and its associations’….

|4| Set of tall dark brown planters, for that striking feel to your garden.

|5| Beautifully welded chair for your garden, the purpose is to let the plants grow over it. an extension to nature.

|6| |7| & |8|

Growing around a fence, we feel is a forever hit idea. So is the idea of defining the garden small or big with a little hedge trimming. The set of three sized planter is matched with 3 plants of different size, perfect for any entry way.

|9| |10| |11| |12| |13| |14| & |15|

An addition to the planter round-up we did(more to come on thursday), these planters, all with a different story to tell can be a great addition to your garden as well.

|16| |17| |18| |19| |20| |21|

More accents for your garden, especially if you’ve a larger space, from yellow birdcage to colorful water cans, there is something for every corner of your garden.

|22| Leaving you with this amazing silver-gilded wallpaper titled ‘palms on the ocean’ marking tomorrows theme for interiors. This wallpaper gives a feeling that the palm leaves are peeping out of the wall.

Small enhancements make big changes, be inspired, always. Hope it was fun going through all the ideas for your garden. What are the recent changes you made to your garden. Have you organized a get together in outdoor settings yet?

A penny for your thoughts!

(Extremely sorry for the poor resolution of scanned images, tried our best to improve, hopefully we’ll learn in the process)

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