see how easily these beautiful living creatures called plants accentuate a house to a warm home.

No matter how much we develop technologically or become creative, we can never create something as beautiful as a plant. Love the lush green. And no matter what themed/colored your home is, they always enhance the whole look. Here are the BEST of plants in interiors and how they’ve been incorporated….

|1| Tall walls and windows, this white interior space is accentuated by blue throws and green plants. What better way to bring home a just li’l color. Its adding to the freshness in look as well as feel.

|2| In this simple space, the house plants work as decorative. It would be nice to dedicate one side or wall or corner of your home to a bunch of tall and short planters.

|3|  Again, not only the chairs but even the planter in between them are helping dramatize the whole space.

|4| Somehow Wood Finishes(see floor) go best with planters and I guess it comes naturally to them as well as to our eyes. This simple space is looking imposing with planters here and there.

|5| It seems a full tree is growing in this lighted, airy living room. A perfect extension to the outside. Also the plants are the only color accents of the room, but are we complaining!

|6| As in the image above ,even this living room has a huge branch of houseplant in a huge pot, only it’s quite dominating with its huge dark leaves. This one is an extension to other colors of the room.

|7| Quite a quirky placement of the houseplant, yet having its full impact. You can see there are other houseplants too, placed here and there.

|8| Placements of nine different plants in a small space indoors is a completely new idea for us at M~W. It is coming naturally to the room with two single seater sofas with different upholstery. Also if you notice they are all placed in a different pots at different tops.

|9| This amazing white workspace is enhanced by the placement of non distracting but completely refreshing plants here and there.

|10| Here, we can see that a few plants are used as contrasting elements  to the yellow of the walls and the sofa.

|11| Love the placement of small pots on the side-board, with blue flowers (can someone tell us the name of the plant?). Also love the blue plant art on the wall.

|12| Another side board with houseplants, this time it’s just an addition to other decoratives. Black & white pots are in tune with the styling. Great Idea!

|13| What a beautifully done interior and the plant is the perfect accent to the blues of cushions, wallpaper, curtains and blues here and there.

|14| This space is completely dedicated to plants and pots. In one instant even the chandelier feels like a hanging plant. The beautiful spec painting of a plant is adding to the scene.

|15| An amazing drama is created in this room with the use of various plants. The type of plants and pots are all different.

As you must have realized by now that plants come with no limitation- more or less, small or huge, subtly done room or a bright one, anything goes in sync with them. So, don’t think much when getting one or more for your home, not only would they provide fresh air, but would also help enhancing the whole feel of the room. If you love them- bring them on! You can’t disagree on this one!

A penny for your thoughts!

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