Green Wallpapers in Interiors

since this is the last week of our theme ‘green and its associations’, we didn’t want to leave out green wallpapers. Wallpapers play quite an important role in how a room looks. Whenever you think of going for a renovation in terms of design of your house, do consider wall papers, they not only create a very striking look but also play a very significant role while choosing other decor items. You’ll get an idea of how you want your room to look like, there is no rule saying you can’t choose your wallpaper first.

Today we’ve selected a range of wallpapers around the color green. The ideas are from subtle small prints to bold textured colors. But they all speak for themselves….

|1| Great combination of striking bold lines of green with other colors as wallpaper, perfectly balanced by the use of white for the furniture. In fact, the wallpaper in stripe worked as an aide to decide what would look best in the room.

|2| Wallpaper working as if many frames are hung on the wall with silhouettes of family members, olive green silhouettes match the single seater sofa perfectly.

|3| A very lively interior has been created. You could think a lot of things are going at the same time, but you can’t deny the perfect harmony. A bright green print wallpaper is perfectly balanced with a plain green floor, not to mention the zebra print sofas.

|4| Again, a very subtle green with white base is used on the wallpaper in harmony with the look of the room, it’s very inviting and one would love to wake up to such light every morning.

|5| Lime wallpaper with colorful floral motifs, in sync with white furniture. Quite a playful corner this is.

|6| Somehow at most of the places you’ll find the use of white with green, this image is a perfect visual example to explain why. Since the shade of base green of the wallpaper is florescent green, bringing in any other color would only misbalance the look, only a neutral color like whites and lighter shades of gray can be used unless one intends to do something else.

|7|This light green pattern on the wallpaper is quite imposing, yet its giving enough room and opportunity to play around it. We feel it’s only likely that objects around it would look better than they are.

|8| It seems now a little tinge of green makes a white looks whiter and more sophisticated. It would be interesting to find an interior of green white combo with a little playfulness to it.

|9| In this bedroom image above, the wallpapers, throws, pillow covers, curtains are all given the same print. It is balanced by the use of plain whites on the bed sheets. So, if you change any of the element, you’ll have to change every other element along with it.

|10| A very appealing detail has been brought about in this kitchen. While the wall continues to be green plant print, the monotony is broken not by use of another color but by the use of stripes in the same hue.

|11| We simply love checkers and these large ones are to die for. After doing the walls with green and white checks, there is nothing much left to do. The rest of the room is done taking a cue from the wallpaper( we would like to think so smiley )

|12| Quite a balanced corner even when the shade of green here has entered the danger zone. Not many can handle this tinge and here it’s been used on the whole wall.

|13| This space is shouting wallpaper. It’s a small corner with very little elements, here large motif wallpaper is doing the magic. Window-style mirror is adding to the show.    

|14| Beautiful, flowing dragon-fly wallpaper is a great choice if you need that little extra personalization to your room.

|15| A very somber green base, large yellow floral designed wallpaper for every room doesn’t look like a bad idea. Same wallpapers through the house can help create a flow.


|16| Straight lines can always be used anywhere around the home to bring in a little definition. If we use it on a wallpaper, it leaves a lot of options to play around a room. This exactly what the green and white striped wallpaper is doing to the space above.


|17| In the image above, the large peacock green motifs is contrasted by a completely different upholstery on the chair. Rightly so, as the wallpaper in itself is quite striking.

|18| A dull green, white base wallpaper in image above is balanced with a small yet striking orange lamp. Just one element of striking quality is enough to break away from the monotony of an interior

|19| Quite a chic looking sea-green diamond patterned wallpaper, Goes just right with the accessories around it. This wallpaper would be ideal for office or home-office.

|20| Sometimes wallpaper with a whole scenery (instead of a symmetrical pattern or motifs) as if the trees are growing right inside a living room can be an interesting detail to add in your interiors. Here the wallpaper remains in the backdrop but is playing with every element around it.

A green wallpaper is soothing to the eyes most of the time because we are used to seeing greens in nature, we love them. Bringing them home is not a very bold addition as compared to other colors.

What do you think of these interiors with beautiful wallpapers, which one is your fave?

A penny or your thoughts!


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