Vintage Berber Carpet

you may think this one to be just another post about something beautiful spotted online. Yes, it is- today’s find is a colorful and vintage handcrafted berber carpet by Coco carpets. But there is another side to this for us. Another story. This carpet was spotted on Designsponge.

Guess, the time has come for us to reveal one of our deepest secret, never shared here on medesignwe. Designsponge was one of the key players in inspiring us to start what we call today as We’ve been following it for as long as we can remember, we never needed to bookmark it or subscribe for it. We have been its secret admirer. It’s time we gave Designsponge its due credit for inspiring many like us and for continuing to do so. Though it has been an immense inspiration for us , we just regret the fact that we didn’t start out soon and it took us so long to finally put out what we’ve been longing to do and where our heart actually lay- home décor!

Well coming back to the carpet- This rug may have been originally made by a woman of Berber tribe using her knowlegde of symbols & colors for her home use. We simply love vintage crafts and feel everything should be done to keep them going and alive. One way of doing it  is appreciating it and spreading the love. An other great way of doing it is by buying them. For now we chose the first one and hope someday we’ll go for the second option too!

  • Size ~106″ x 55″ (8.8′ x 4.6′)
  • Time ~Vintage, approx 20-30 years old
  • Material ~Wool, with some cotton threads
  • Color ~White, blue, red, yellow, brown, green, purple and light blue
  • Condition ~ Excellent

Price of the Primary Bazaar- Vintage Berber Carpet$ 1,200.00

This piece can be used as a carpet or as a wall hanging.

Get this one of a kind carpet & more from Coco Carpets.(They Ship to India)

A penny for your thoughts!


Last three images: Designsponge.

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