Ikat in home decor accents

Here we are with the second of Ikat home décor(read first here), but this time it’s the accents that are making our hearts melt. Ikat not just on textiles, but on other materials too make for a beautiful pattern. Now, you’ve to see them to believe them. We are sure, after one look- you’d feel the need of having some at your home if not all.

This one definitely needed a special treatment. It’s a handcrafted chair upholstered with a vintage Kilim fabric with Ikat patterns and no two chairs are the same. Colorful patterns will fit just fine in any home décor scenario.

|1| |2| |3| |4|

Oh! how we are loving the Ikat planters(2)

|5| |6| |7| |8|

It would be a proud feeling when we serve our guests in these pretty Ikat wares(7, 8).


Wont we barter anything for this pink ikat curtain?

Though this Ikat organizer is no more in stock on etsy, it is worth showcasing here anyhow.

This ancient art form called Ikat is a true global icon. Whosoever thought of it first must be genius. The fact is that we all love it and it never goes out of trend. The reason why we need to keep revisiting this pattern time and again!

A penny for your thoughts!

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