Red and White checks in various Home Decor Accents

suddenly we are seeing everything in red and white. And we know we are not the only ones with red and white specs these days- Christmas of course! Exactly why we chose one of the most common patterns when these two color-red and white come together for inspiration- gingham!

we would love this poster in our bedroom- the diagonal red- white checks!

Somehow these two(red & white) when checkered make for a an amazingly cozy feel in a bedroom.

Bigger checks for under the sink curtain.

Nothing can be better for pickles and jams than the muslins covers. And these jars look oh! so pretty now with red and white gingham cloth pieces.

Another example of how inviting this pattern of red and white become- especially on all things winter.

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Talking about red and white checks and not mentioning rugs/carpets- nah! Tempting large checks just for you!

Wow! Who needs checkered tablespread here when we have a perfect red and white morning set.

And these checks do it again- would you mind decorating, oops cheaning your kitchen with these fab tea towels?!

Here you go..lovely!! Flower prints seem to be in perfect sync in the above two.

Rustic + Red & White gingham!

Checks as book covers, gift wraps..

And to close it all- a cabinet/drawer knob!

So, now we know how useful these vintage checks are- there is competition from other checks too, such as black & white checks or red & black, but none qualify over these classics!

A penny for your thoughts!

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