Erasable Food Labels by Geek Goodies!

Erasable Food Labels with Marker
Erase your Labels with Ease!

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Who doesn’t love gifts, well we all do. So when we are bombarded with gifts on Diwali, we hope all the boxes would contain different stuffs to relish. But that is hardly the case. Most of the boxes are full of dryfruits(no, we are not demeaning the thoughtful, expensive gift). So much so that we end up storing them is many boxes and containers altogether.

What a great find!

In today’s time, you just don’t know where you could spot something that clicks for you, and you say ‘exactly what I was looking for. Stumbled upon this geeky, quirky, weirdy(if we could add this word) website called Geek Goodies. Here you’ll find numerous utility stuffs you could need around home for everyday chores. You’ll find a frying pan wall clock, a corn umbrella, petrol fuel can sauce dispenser. I’m like who thinks of all this‽ These products truly made us laugh. And I feel anything worth a laugh is worth mentioning and sharing especially when so many boxes need to be re-labeled!

Erasable Food Labels with Marker
Erasable Food Container Labels!

Erasable Food Labels!

Today’s product feature –Erasable Food Labels with Marker is not much of a laughable matter but on a serious note, what I call – a simple, great product! Every month we buy our monthly food supply, pour them onto jars and boxes. If they are already labeled from previous month, then only that particular item can be put inside as those stickers with permanent markers just wont go. Or we just leave them unlabeled 🙁 . This erasable labels then is an awesome option! You can easily erase them with your  Label Once eraser and change the contents as and when you like it! Imagine these labels on this super utility cork jars(set of two) and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Erasable Food Labels with Marker

Ease of use

Not just that, every month, you wash clean the containers, these labels are dishwasher safe! You’ve jars and containers of varying materials- no worries- as this sticks to plastic, glass, ceramic, etc. Priced at ₹399, whole package includes, 70 assorted laminated self-adhesive labels, a marker and an eraser!

Organize your home!

Get done with clumsy marking, opt in for this super clever label system not just for your kitchen. This can be helpful when organizing your kid’s storage containers or even your files! (Read, how in an old post,  I had written that whenever you change contents, change label, funny-huh!)

I’m sure i’ll get a pat on my back today for discovering these handy Erasable Labels!


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