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Home decor, my first love yes! But without my first morning cuppa, I’m a boring soul wandering here and there aimlessly.  So you can say ‘tea revives me’!
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My Amazing Find!
We are not alone, I’m sure there are many of you out there who feel exactly the same with tea. Spotted, not today, but at least a month back was this amazing website which all you tea lovers will love alike. Have been stalking it like a shy teenager. But it’s about time I express my love in front of you all.  It’s called- Teabox. (This, by the way is the first of our ‘website feature’, we promise there will be no stopping from here on).
Teabox- Wow!
As the name suggests, inside this little box is a whole world of tea goodies, starting from teas based on types, divided into regions of its production to flavored and iced teas. What attracted us more, being a decor fanatic is their amazing collection of tea accessories! Tea without proper and exotic tea accessories, it will still remain tea but it’s a wholesome feel that can truly immerse you in it, making the experience an overwhelming one!
Personalized Teas
Now, you couldn’t have thought of that! We all prefer our teas made in a certain way. Same goes for the kind of tea which we like. So, before you make your order from their extensive collection of teas, make sure you click on their Personalized Tea section. They have this idea where they take a little quiz(haven’t yet taken the quiz myself) related to judging our taste, use science to pick up teas suited to our palate and from there on deliver a box of tea every month.
Our main focus: Tea Accessories
Coming back to our real love, we spotted a few tea accents which not only assist you in having a perfectly blended tea but also let you have it eloquently. Here’s our round-up of the faves:


ash gray set
Ash Grey Set, Price : ₹ 13130

stony brooke set Stony Brooke Set, Price : ₹ 10530

Imagine, the two of you sitting in your porch, with little flowers tinkling in the morning breeze. The cloud from the hills have just subsided for sunny side to show a way to a beautiful day. The sound of tea pouring brings you back to reality! And you sigh, thank god for the tea! Well, not everyone is lucky to wake up to these beauties, but when you get your hands on this beautiful Ash-grey set or the gorgeous Brooke stoneware set with bamboo coasters, you’ll still feel blessed!

baronial teapot
Baronial Teapot, Price : ₹ 4485

This Baronial tea pot  by TeaBox is no less a show stopper! Made of high quality porcelain & copper and designed in Germany, the pot promises to win hearts at great tea parties.

tea cozy(grey)
Tea Cozy (Grey), Price : ₹ 487

Keep cozy with this grey tea cozy!

compact tea maker
Compact Tea Maker, Price : ₹2144

If you are avid tea drinker, you’d love this carry along Compact Tea Maker! All you got to do is to add your favorite tea to the infuser, pour your hot/cold tea and you are good to go! It’s easy to hold, double-pane glass body let’s you carry it even when on the move.

Duple glass tea cup
Duple Glass Tea Cup, Price : ₹ 779

How can we ignore the beauty of tea itself when made and ready to be served. The real beauty and color is enhanced by this sophisticated Duple Glass Teacup.

Arctic mug-short white
Arctic Mug (White), Price : ₹ 714

This is regular dhaba glass upgraded to opulence you can’t deny! The Arctic Mug as the name suggests in flawless white for the ultimate meet of tea with your soul. For your negative side this mug is available is black too- short and long.

artisan muslin teabags(pack of 15)
Artisan Muslin Bag, Price : ₹ 357

And if you like your tea dipped, nothing can beat this 100% cotton, unbleached Artisan tea bags for your memorable experience.

round tin pink
Round Tin Box, Price : ₹ 345

While you are busy collecting your fave teas from Tea Box, do not forget, you need to store these exquisite(ies) securely too. The Round Tin Box comes to your rescue. Made of good quality tin sheet, this box is available in many color variants, storing and accessing all your teas made easy!

Now that you are tea-ready, courtesy TeaBox, how about a small Hi-tea party and time for a little show-off! A gathering all your guests will remember!

Tea Time Inspirational Quote
Tea Time Quote!

IMAGE:  , QUOTE: MeDesignWe

Tea Story made short with the above quote!

Had done a small inspirational round up of tea times long back, do check it out for more ideas! And for a bowl full of nutty tea-times buy this!

All Images~ teabox.com

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