How to use colors around home? 

today, we’ll be talking about using a color around your home, with two example images each on how to accessorize a space and how a color can accentuate the whole feel. We chose Vibgyor’s first color for this- violet! The reasons are pretty obvious and by now you must have guessed it too. A] We simply love this color; B] Our website is violet!; C] Its not very frequent in nature, so not many people can relate to it, especially when decorating home. Reasons enough to have violet as an example. Though you must know, most of these ideas apply to other colors as well. So enjoy!

|1| & |2| 

Introducing a bold, bright color to the room to break the monotony

In the above shown images, as you can see, another color which seems to be contrasting more than matching, is used. One can do this if you like violet but want to break the rich look it generally generates and add yellow as in these examples to add playful feel. So here we are adding a new all together different colored element to change the look and feel of the room.

|3| & |4| 

Splash it all with your favorite color

Now these two images are completely dedicated to the base color. The only breaking point are small accents the green cushion and a throw in the first image and gold frame of the mirror in the second one. Those are also used to enhance the color. This kind of decor is not liked by many but a look at these especially the first one might inspire one to try it. So for this look, all your bigger elements should be of same color, can be different hue and tint. And smaller accessories can be used here and there.

|5| & |6| 

Balance your color

In the ablove images,  the usage of color is balanced, at the same time it is loudly talking of the dominating color. In the first image it is quite direct and in the second image it’s  suppressed a little by blending the hues. For this look the main elements of a room should be of the central color. It can be easily adapted. If you notice in the first image, colors are brought about in pillow covers, bed covers, curtains and a wall hanging. The wall color and the other furniture color remain neutral. You can do a different color every month.

|7| & |8|

Color + White

Here in these two images the central color is white. Purple/violet is added to give a little color to the whole picture. In the first image a whole wall is given the color along with the pillows. In the second image a large piece of colored rug is used to bring color and also the rims of the chair is painted in violet. Also if you notice a little typo ‘W’ is also used sync  the larger area. Getting this look is also quite easy. Either paint one wall with the color or better still, get a large plain colored rug/carpet to bring home the color.

|9| & |10|

Half and half

These are half and half looks where on the first look, one can understand the core color used on larger elements. At the same time the rest of the important elements have a different color. There are no hard and fast rule for this look. If you are decorating your living room, you can either choose sofas for the central color or walls, completely on you!

|11| & |12|

Bold color in subtle surrounding

In these two images the color violet is coming out. But their use is quite minimal. They still seem to be doing the magic is because of subtle colors around them. To create this feel choose your favorite color in a darker tinge and choose subdued and dull tones for other objects. For your color, choose one or two pieces of furniture or accents. It can be anything from curtains to throw pillows, from side-boards to ottomans.

|13| & |14|

The king size chair look

This look is one our favorites as it involves corners which can be wisely used to define how the rest of the space would look. Also love this as its just one element telling the whole story. A great piece of chair in the corner or a niche in your home-office can be great for those tea-breaks. For this experience, just spot a corner in your home with good natural light, and place your chair (Bold color) and Voila!

|15| & |16|

Avoid over-doing lots of patterns and textures

Having lighter shades of any color(violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow) for bedroom is always a good idea as it spells soothing effect to our eyes. But avoid  over-doing it with textures patterns and all kinds of tints of the same color. Let it have one or two kind of texture and hue. Avoid a scattered look for the mind to be able to concentrate on one thing.

Hope this post gave you a little idea of what to do with your favorite color when you want to use it around your home. Choose your favorite style and incorporate the same fearlessly.

We also showcased some of the best home decor accents in the shades Violet here. Hope you enjoyed!

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