Decorating using the same color made easy to comprehend

taking a cue from yesterday’s post, as to how to use color to suit our style, today we are doing a round-up of the style which most of us find difficult to apply and is intimidating to some. We have done a selection of products of  ‘same color’ and have picked two shades of ‘violet’ for the same. We are doing this just for understanding that even a slight difference in the shade can have a different affect on our minds. Which one is your style-color?

The Dark side of violet

|1| The hanging light in this kind of a look especially when dealing with darker colors is very important. Avoid picking up lighting with enclosed shade. This ‘jaali’ work lamp works as a great accessory as well as provides ample amount of light to the whole arrangement.

|2| The poster is breaking and also enhancing the dark violet color at the same time. It takes your attention and falls it back on the central color.

|3| Mirror in such settings are a good option as they also help in reflecting light. And a great frame to go with it is icing on the cake.

|4| A dark colored sofa in a dim setting looks bold yet inviting.

|5| A throw kept in the side of a sofa is always a good idea, if you want to portray a casual look.

|6| Cushions add to the style statement, capable of changing the look and feel of the whole room. Always choose your cushions wisely and there are a plethora of cushions available out there.

|7| The beautifully carved rug is a great option, as its breaking away from the straight lines of other objects.

|8| Small and playful sideboard  is like the kid of the family, breaking away from the somber feel to a lighthearted touch.

|9| Glass is always welcoming for such looks where everything else seems sturdy and opaque, and so we’ve placed a glass tumbler.

|10|The dark wall paper with darker patterns seems to initiate the look. It could be on just one wall.

The lighter side of violet

|11| The single seater sofa is ideal for creating a different look for one side or a corner of your home, 

|12| The lighting again is not an enclosed one. It is a lighter shade of violet, but we still need good lighting.

|13| The hydrangea vintage poster is a breaking point with an organic picture and quite a lighter background.

|14| The vase is reflecting various hues and tint, it’s almost the focal point of this setting.

|15| The dark lilac bowl is also creating a playful effect with its shape.

|16| The simple side board is great for displaying products on it. though its beautiful, its letting others to take over the show.

|!7| The heart patterned, lighthearted rug is introducing a new color to the space.

|18| The cushion for a change is working with the bosses and not as an accent with lighter tint or other patterns. The cushion is of the same color as the other elements around the room.

|19| The throw, like the rug is bringing in a little color to get some attention to the objects around it.

|20| The wallpaper here has patterns of again a lighter shade of purple. This immediately lights up the whole space.

Both these shades are quite capable of telling a slightly different story. On one side, dark violet evokes glamor, sophistication and style. On the other side, the lighter , more dull tinge of violet or you may call it ‘Purple’ if you like,  is more on the playful side, its showing a little bit of its feminine side too.

Which of these do you prefer? Have you ever done a setting similar to these at your home? Or have you ever used same color decor ?

A penny for your thoughts! 


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