Blending two or three colors for a unique look

It is always great to blend few colors for a unique look, especially if done on walls. Not only do they give a little dramatic-effect to the room they also create more options for us to decorate around it.

Violet Indigo Blue

There are many ways of doing this effect around our home. Using light in such a way that it lets one side to be darker than the other. Here, you don’t need to play much with mixing colors on your wall. But understanding how the light is affecting the color is important. A few trial and error would do the trick. Also its quite important to understand what kind of lighting one wants to use- white or yellow, focused or dispersed, subdued or bold. In the above image lighting is doing the trick, the light is dispersed from below to have that light to dark blending effect.


Another way of doing it is by using all different elements in different colors and then trying to create a sync so that they all look as if they belong together. For instance in the image above  Green sofa is standing out, yet there is something that’s blending it with yellow textured wall and orange rug.


Though there are many ways of bringing two to three colors in harmony. Literally blending them, one with the other has the advantage of giving great results. If you are planning to do it yourself, try few patches on your paper with colors, and decide which blend best to suit you and your decor around home.

Lighting plays a vital role

Merging is a great option if you are planning a little change in how your home looks. Walls are the most important(as we had discussed this before here)and one of the easiest ways to bring about that change. Whatever blending method you choose, lighting- natural or otherwise is very important. If you’ve a natural light flowing into your room, you might want to consider it before doing the change.


How about using a single piece of furniture in a bold color?

Once you have blended the wall in whatever way you like, avoid blending every other elements to that effect. Instead use single color objects,  sometimes bold to have a statement. This can be just one wall of your room to begin with. 

|1| Love this comfortable violet chair, you are bound to feel like a king/queen after sitting on it. This chair already has a great charm to it because of its build and adding to royalty is the color itself. Match it with a contrasting wall and voila! You don’t have to do much after that.

|2|Beautiful bamboo garden chair with orange upholstery immediately tells us it would be ideal with a green backdrop. You can create a similar effect if you want to place these kind of chairs inside. 

|3| Green floral-shaped chair looks quite comfortable and perfect for those cozy corners around our homes. Create one along with a softer hue of blue or orange.

|4| This blue chair with leg rest can be great for library corners with a side table of your selected books. Bring on the concentration with yellow walls. (More on psychological properties of colors, check here.)

|5| This kind of chair, with one dominating color and a range of other colors, gives a lot of option of decorating around it. The moment we add lots of color especially to large, single pieces of elements, it becomes playful in nature. It is totally up to you whether you use it to break the monotony of an otherwise sober room or use it as an inspiration to do the rest of the decor of your home.

|6| We feel this indigo colored peacock inspired chair will spell its magic for obvious reasons. It would double up if its placed in front of a stark red wall. 

|7| The intensity of this red single seater sofa in broken with the use of direct playful elements,like a parachute and a car. And so a nod for a kids room.

Flush-off all your fears of using intense colors

We are mostly quite scared to use intense colors, but sometimes it can be a great changing point of how you’ve been decorating your home. We’ve used brown, beige, brick-orange, blacks, grays, whites etc at some point of time of our ‘decorating the living room history’. Why not bring in some dominating color(one or two) this time, and have the neighbors think ‘ why didn’t i think of that’ !

A penny for your thoughts!

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(Extremely sorry for the poor resolution of scanned images, tried our best to improve, hopefully we’ll learn in the process)

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