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In today's time everything that we do or try to do, we better do it differently. To fulfill our demands, markets too have gone an extra step to deliver to our expectations. Remember, those cliche jute door mats available, the only ones available, it never even used to occur that we could have something different from that. and now, we cant even begin to talk about the plethora of kinds and types of mats available- in terms of design, material and much more. Today's find are from a brand called Status(tried a lot finding out about them, but couldn't). Kitchen specific doormats with beautiful graphics, perfect to suit your kitchen floor or kitchen entrance with their anti-skid base material.

Available at :

Price, all priced at INR 499/-, check them out here

Dimensions: 15inch x 23inch

Color: Multicolored with graphics

For more information, check out their respective links or drop us a comment.

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