A great alternate idea to keep your chapatis in!

Have been looking for a chapati holder/box/container whatever you may like to call it for very long now. Can't deny that the best tasting chapati is a freshly made one. But not all of us are that lucky these days, and we mostly keep<reheat the cooked ones and then eat. But again, keeping them in a container where it doesn't sog with steam, stays warm, and such that it doesn't get crispy either- this is a really tricky affair!

Also in sheesham wood is this tray here we had featured earlier!

For this requirement, I've tried, casseroles, baskets, and plastic boxes and I've to agree, have never been 100% satisfied. So, when today I spotted this wooden chapati boxes at, I thought it would be unfair if I don't share my find with you all.

More Info

Available at :

Priced at : INR 2,222/-, now at INR 1,500/-

Color/Finish : Brown

Size : 22 cm x 22 cm x 11 cm 

Material : Wood

Why we chose what we showcased?

I chose this not deliberately to feature here on RHD, but because I was myself looking for a solution!

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