Design Today is one our favorite design magazines. We have literally grown up with it. Last but not the least, our July Hot! Off the Press magazine review is of Design Today. The issue focus is stone and how it has been incorporated around the world around homes and other architectural buildings….

Colorful Craft!

It starts off with great design finds in its section Design Stuff with beautiful craft products ranging from decorative, kitchenware to furniture and furnishings(have planned a crafty tour of home decors here too at M~W, just for you! ). Anyway the products are amazing especially liking them for their bright colors(our ongoing theme- rainbow days) In the section Design stuff, you’ll find great ideas of decking the walls, not just with wallpapers, there are other ideas too!

Issue focus- stone!

Vinit Khanna’s home in Gurgaon finds its place in the section Design At Home section and rightly so. The beautiful use of stones in the interior walls of the house is a must see. The house seem based at some hill station or even next to beach, definitely not based in Gurgaon for the perfect harmony of decor and stones it captures.

Also featured is a great lake-side dwelling in Montana called Stone Creek Camp Owned by a couple is a great extension to nature with its views of lake and hills and Also with the use of locally procured Granite and wood. The Images instantly instill a feeling of a great getaway.

Design F&F displays a selection of 10 storage solutions for clearing up the clutter or for simply organizing things.

There is more..

Other interesting stories to read are as follows. In the section Design At work, architects Rahoul Singh and Lakshmi Chand Singh’s hands on makeover of a salon based in New Delhi. A home by architect Sanjay Puri in Rajasthan , a story of how Pune based Tao architecture built a home in Jodhpur for a retiring couple using indigenous building and passive cooling techniques. Both the stories catering to their issue focus.

If you are thinking of re-doing some or all parts of your home and want to use stone, you must go through the magazine. It’s still available on most of the stands but if its not available near yours, then go to this link.

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