after about two weeks of striping days, we now bring to you the most prominent if not important of all kinds of stripes- The Black and white stripes! These are ones that we all unanimously love. And these fit like water almost in any interior decorating scenario. Today we’ve lined up 25 gorgeous interiors where these black and white stripes been used at all the places we can imagine. These interiors are not now just ‘eye tonics’ for us, in some cases they are an eye-opener too. They’d make one feel that there are no limitations as far as these stripes are concerned, one just needs a little understanding get that perfect look.

Black and white are in-sync

Black and white belong to each other

Our lives are full of colors

Its black and white that make them

so full of power!


|1| At doordtep- How these black and white stripes have a welcoming effect at the entryway!

|2| All in all black and white hallway entry. You cant’s deny the stripes are doing the magic!

|3| & |4|

These could be by the hallway, taking wall as a reference point. If you notice, both the interiors have black and stripes but their treatment is completely opposite. And at none of these, they look out of place. In fact they take the credit of making both the interiors  look stunning. 

|5| Stripes by the fireplace. Here, wide vertical stripes are used above a fire place as a background for few photoframes and collectibles.

|6| How about these dramatic striped black and white curtains?

|7| We just finished stripes on stairs a few days back, check here. We held the above one for this post. After all those, we can say this black and white stripes stairs are a winner. Not that any of those weren’t amazing, they were. But the impact these colors have is totally outstanding. 

|8| Black and white stripes at your home office chair- not a bad idea. (Can’t stop ourselves from coveting the brass bin though)

|9| Another dramatic scenario created by using black, black and white striped square ottoman and blue walls and flooring.

|10| Black and white stripes on fabric accents- cushions and rug.

|11| A break from the monotony and addition of modern element through black and white stripes.

|12| Yet another striking setting creating using black and white. And of course the gorgeous round mirror frame on the striped wall.

|13| |14|

The whole living room has been done using black and white in the above two interiors.  If you notice houseplants have been used to bring color.

|15| The similar effect here in this kitchen but this time its laminated green. Oh yes, and we do a small terracotta planter too!

|16| stair side has been given these stripes as a background for this small kitchen side and bar. a wholesome effect brought about with large round roman wall clock.

|17| Planning your wedding in black and white theme, How about stripes for the table setting? Elegant, isn’t it?

|18| Aww .. black and white stripes in a nursery? Yes, over the board for some of you, who want to do it with lots of colors, even pastels. But one look at this, you can’t deny its working fine. If we bring in colors through walls and others accents, the affect it going to be even more amazing.

|19| |20| |21| |22|

Black and white stripes are bed rooms best friends, or at least it seems so. In the above four interiors,  these self-assured stripes have been  used everywhere- striped wall, pillow, throw, rug, lamps.

|23| How about this vertical black and white stripes as your black LED TV??

|24| |25|

Loving this arbitrary black and white stripes in the first bathroom image. I mean it’s that kind of moment for us ‘ why didn’t I think of that!’  The stripes continue till the ceiling and is contrasted by green and red in other things around. The second interior however is no less, how cleverly its harmonized with black and white polka dots flooring.

Black and white stripes are undoubtedly magical. Though not many of us can brave having them. Not only is it overwhelming, it also needs a great amount of thinking before putting it all together.  For those who are happy having them around in ‘decor products’- our next post is about all that.  Don’t forget to watch this space.

A penny for your thoughts!

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