We know of stripes through this famous Audrey Hepburn photo. She was a style icon and we are yet to find someone as graceful as her. 

No, this post isn’t about her, nor is it a fashion blog , but the mention of this pic was improbable. 

This post is about stripes in home decor items. The chair below is a perfect example to tell you what stripes can do, especially black and white stripes. Even when its minimally used, its the life of the whole product. Beg to differ??

We also know of Black and White stripes in canopies, How about this outdoor setting in a striped tent??

we’ve divided the post in three kinds of round-up. First one is decked up in a living room scenario with ten decor items in black and white stripes. The second one is a general round-up of everyday things. The third one is worth the mention for our immense love for all things pottery, terracotta, porcelain, ceramics, etc. Most of the products chosen have simple stripes on them.

black and white stripes in home decor

|1|  |2|  |3|  |4|  |5|  |6|  |7|  |8|  |9|  |10|

Easy living room setting!

This living room setting that we’ve created is mainly on a white background. There is a difference between black and white and white and black. This difference you should easily be able to figure out from the chair to the small side board, on the wall paper and in few others. There are other products where the distribution of black and white are mostly equal. For example, the bowl on the side-board has equal blacks and whites on the outside but the whole of the inside is painted black. We see minimal yet effective use of stripes on the cushion kept on the sofa.  Just give the stripes a little angle, almost diagonal and the result is cool as can be seen on the poster. Or may be a few arbitary stripes as on the clock.

black and white stripes in everyday stuffs

|11|  |12|  |13|  |14|  |15|  |16| |17|

Everyday Accents!

These products find their place in the second round-up for a reason. Some of these are those everyday products that we sometimes forget to use. These are our old friends- home accents. They enhance a place. Loving the throw pillow with two golden stripes.

black and white stripes in ceramics 

|18|  |19|  |20|  |21|  |22|  |23|  |24|  |25|

Ceramic fun

Our eyes are set on these. We want them all and especially the rough edged white bowl with thin black stripes. Also loving the black dramatic lid + cooking container with thin white stripes. This is urging us to have more and more of ceramics/porcelain at home!

Bye for now, dear stripes!

This brings us to the end of striped products, Of course we plan to update our posts as and when we find great stuffs. And also attend  to this topic time and again as stripes are something that we can’t bind or wrap in few posts. Hope you had fun and now love stripes  even more. 

A penny for your thoughts!.

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