Kids Room Accessories & Decor!

When we think of kids, they automatically bring a smile to our faces, their innocent questions and talks, endless games and never being told to ‘go have some fun’, because they are always anyway having them. Decorating a kids room, especially if it’s your own can be super great fun! Once you decide on doing it, you’ll realize there are so many incredible options available, you’ll either want them all or get totally confused!

|1| Safety first. It’s of utmost importance that all the accessories and stuffs in a kids room are safe to use. This cute crocodile bathtub mat keeps them from skidding.

|2| |3| Colors seem to be in love with our little ones or is it vice-versa?!

|4| |5| Back to nature- it is very important to introduce kids to our surroundings, especially nature from very early age. One of the best ways is definitely through décor elements in their space.

|6| |7| Lighting on the study table should be kept as basic as possible. They shouldn’t be an element of distraction. This table lamp comes with a small organizer for their pen, pencils, etc. The decorative lighting can be for nightstand or above the headboard. Don’t we just love ampersand, we would accept anything in this for happily!

|8| |9| Wall Clocks must always be quirky. Kids would love an animal-design clock, we love owls!

|10| |11| Another great idea for a kid’s room is their name’s initials. Kids love their names and an initial or even a whole name somewhere in their room will bring a sense of belonging. You can choose floral or polkas for girls , and stripes and checks for a boy’s room. ( I, personally don’t believe in assigning a pre-judge(d) idea of what  girls and boys could/should like. That way, we are restricting them in some manner and hamper a wholesome growth, it’s big wide world, and they should have the freedom to develop their own liking. Phew! too much of serious talk , this is just my opinion)

|12| A soft serene throw is good enough!

|13| |14| |15| Organizing kids is one real task. If you don’t make it interesting, then it’s very difficult to inculcate this habit at later ages.  You can choose any of these according to your own taste and space. ( More organizing solutions here and here)

|16| Talking about space, each one of us, even kids need space. Apart from their room, they feel very happy and content inside their tents and canopies. They make for a beautiful memory too!

Frames for wall!

As you know, there is a whole sea of what we can put on our walls out there. It can get tremendously confusing. The best way out is to personalize. What your child likes, it can be a character, animal, his/her work out art, quotes, etc. The reason why we chose this frame cum pin-up board. You can pin up anything inside these frames. You can even change it, when you get bored of it.

Animals as faux taxidermy

Animals in any form, are just adored by children. They just never ever cease to fascinate them. So animals are a must have for a kid’s room. Decorating animal head on wall is such a cute idea!


If you still find it difficult to properly decorate or plethora of choices confuse you, you can always buy a whole collection. Which may include different kinds of throw, throw pillows, or even wall décor and lighting. How about this ‘Whale of a Time‘ cushion cover?

Assorted letters

Colorful assorted letters can come handy when you want to add colors and a tinge of fun to doors, cupboards, chests or walls.

In one single post, one can never give justice full justice to how your little one’s room could be. Most of it would depend upon your own instincts and your kid’s liking!

We had done a small post on kid’s home décor accessories from magazines long back, you can check it here for more ideas.


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