there are two kinds of patterns, one that we see and the other which we feel. Or rather which makes us feel them. Textured patterns. This effect is mostly seen on any textile, rugs, etc. but obviously there is no limit to where these can be brought about. Our find today the Textured Chevron Duvet Spotted on Anthopologie is apt for two reasons: 1) the obvious one is our ongoing theme Patterns Matter and 2) it’s a reminder that winter just about here.  So in a way this season’s first.

Just the look makes you feel cozy..

Imagine sunggling in with your loved ones..

The subtle hues perfect even for a day spread.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Machine wash: Safe
  • Dimensions: King: 243cm x 264cm

Find the duvet at the SHOP.

A penny for your thoughts!

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