polka dots- fun? Polka dots- kid’s room? Well, let’s add a twist! Gold polka dots – now we are talking; exactly what we are showcasing today.We have touched gold before and silver too but gold polka dots is our new love it seems. They aren’t less playful but at the same time they are capable of being used anywhere just to break a monotony. You’ll see for yourself that whether on a wall or a teapot a throw pillow or a tray. Whether large or small; symmetrical or asymmetrical- all its doing is adding character to an otherwise plain stuff. Adding life.


Adding polka dots on the wall in your home office space can be a great break in the usual otherwise white. Of course if the addition is along with other golden elements- nothing like it.


And for sure the polkas belong to kids.


Simple yet clever thing to do. Golden polka dots are adding a lot of character to the small white bathroom.


Here, gold polka dots make the picture perfect.


|5| |6|

Golden polka dots on cake stands is like an icing on the cake!!


Are we not loving this not so perfect gold polkas on one half of this milk mug?

|8|  |9| 

So, these are two plates with same elements, but the way they’re treated in each is different. First(8) is an asymmetrical gold dots by Kate Spade and second one has two sized dots but both in symmetry. We ask -which one is your style?


Polka dot vase from Kate Spade again(boy, does she love gold dots) is a stunner too!


How can we leave a teapot behind when we are putting gold dots on ceramics?


These are super fun & creative. They all have gold polka dots- but these dots are all differently sized in each piece. And if you squint one of your eyes and see the blurred one’s behind- they too are meted the same treatment.


Perfect setting this with a gold touch on the rustic burlap over your dining table.

|14|  |15|

These are the easiest and safest guinea pigs for your first gold polkas home.


What a beautiful yet simple accessory organizing tray. Now imagine the tray without the gold dots- No??!! DIY here.


Who would want to used this clipboard as it’s meant to be? If you ask us, we might use it to decorate our wall as a wall hanging!


Chanel’s parfum’s gold art on gold polka dot base.


How interesting is this?


Shimmering gold polka dots on a simpel clear glass vase. Not so simple anymore.

Our post today consists mostly of gold polka on white. These two elements when they come together make for a serene, classic combination. For more DIY tutorials click the links below:

1) Gold polka dot on lamp shade 2) Gold polka dots on vase 3) Gold polka dots gift wrapping paper 4) Gold polka dots on bowls

A penny for your thoughts!

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