Ikat in home interiors- a pattern, style or fad!

If there is a pattern which is globally loved, followed and made since time immemorial its -Ikat! We would love to call it a trump or even joker of all the patterns. It can hardly ever go wrong if you are playing the Ikat card.

If you try to look for its history(here & here)- it says that it has been practiced world over since ages with some variation in techniques.  Without doubt it stands today as an all time fave for many. And nowadays apart from textiles we also see its use in tiles, graphics, home decor accents, etc.


A variation of white and gray Ikat on wall paper can be seen in the above.

Balancing with White


Use of orange ikat throw pillows on bed contrasting the headboard.


Another fun element in the form of ikat ottoman along with other colorful throw pillows.


Here, two patterns, stripes as well as Ikat has been followed on the whole upholstery. But do you feel the use of blue is more than required or is white balancing it perfectly?


Simply loving the teal and off-white single seater comfy couch!

Vintage charm


Now or then , forever green Ikat!


Apart from the blue and white Ikat bedspread, the gold side table is to die for! Find another one here.


Now, who wouldn’t love to get up to this beautiful setting. As for us, we might never sleep!!

Fresh feel


More clearer lines of Ikat on the black and white sofa perfectly accented by pink and white throw pillows(cushions).


Another of black and white Ikat sofa but how different from the previous one- this one more traditional and the other one is a modern take.

Tribal Touch


A more traditional Ikat here on the pillows.


Ikat as artwork- what a beatiful idea!


How can we not have an Ikat Rug/carpet when talking about Ikat. We feel it’s most impactful and impressive!


And a simple light mustard Ikat headboard.


And this is one amazing take on Ikat through bathroom tiles- have you spotted more innovative Ikat than this one, if yes, plz do share with us.

We feel the biggest forte of Ikat is in its outcome- always colorful and very traditional(no matter which procedure has been followed for creating it). As for home décor goes, from all major names to small time business owner’s still continue to swear by this pattern called Ikat. Whether it’s on a rug, a throw pillow, a bed spread or curtains; whether you home is traditional or modern; and whether it’s in India or US- the spells of its magic is equally shared.


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