Luxe Shoe Trunk by Studio Ochre!

Now, let's admit it, women are blamed wrongly for their fetish for shoes, bags or any accessory for that matter. I've seen men going ga-ga over shoes every time they are out for shopping and at home they sleep with their shoes on (and sometimes on their shoes, quite literally).

15 MODERN HOMES- Stylishly Beautiful!

how you decorate your home without doubt is a reflection of your personality. Handpicking that’s why is quite important. You’ve to at the end of the day like what’s around and also feel at home. Decorating home in modern trends or..



after about two weeks of striping days, we now bring to you the most prominent if not important of all kinds of stripes- The Black and white stripes! These are ones that we all unanimously love. And these fit like water almost in any interior decorating scenario. Today we’ve lined up 25 gorgeous interiors where these black and white stripes been used at all the places we can imagine. These interiors are not now just ‘eye tonics’ for us, in some cases they are an eye-opener too. They’d make one feel that there are no limitations as far as these stripes are concerned, one just needs a little understanding to get that perfect look. Well, if you like monochrome stripes, obviously you can’t bring this guy home…