He painted us- Black Brown & Beige!

He colored us Black, Brown & Beige, 

He colored us- but colors not so vivid
No glitter outside, for a reflection within
We get tanned, we get pale, 
We use skin whiteners
But the color remains His,
He didn’t give us red- it’s a bit overbearing
He didn’t paint us green- As the grass is already greener
These colors, don’t take them easy, 
They build walls stronger than those at borders
They instill pride- the Beiges; They fight(for their rights)- the Blacks
And the Browns- they love crèmes- the lovely and the new ones
Doesn’t make any one a good person- 
Oh! What pity these colors of Yours
All seven colors to one rainbow-
Why couldn’t we have that too?
Or may be colorblind- Just all of us!

Our take on Black, Brown and Beige, originally a Jazz symphony written by Duke Ellington for his first concert in 1943. Ellington introduced it as “a tone parallel to the history of the Negro” in America. It was Ellington’s longest and most ambitious composition.(Info source ).

Read more at The New Yorker . Read the Lyrics

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