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how you decorate your home without doubt is a reflection of your personality. Handpicking that’s why is quite important. You’ve to at the end of the day like what’s around and also feel at home. Decorating home in modern trends or classic style is absolutely your choice. More and more people are going for modern style with minimal elements for a clean defining look. This job is made easy with the plethora of options available these days as many number of shops and online.

Today we’ve lined-up modern decorating in interiors for ideas on elements that help us enhance this look. Hope after the post you’ll have a clearer idea where exactly you want bring in that vogue factor.


Keep it minimal

Minimal stuffs- de-cluttering is one way to bring about a definitive look. This look can also to applied to just one part of the room.


Black, white, wood

This combination makes-up for a very sophisticated look. Achieving this look is not very difficult as there are many products available for you to make a perfect match for your home.


Old products, new look

Another way of doing is by giving a twist to any product for it to stand out, like the yellow floor cushion, and large candles in the image above.


On a larger piece

Modern look to larger piece of furniture- like bed in the bedroom for all the attention.


With color and materials

Here, white is the dominant color- as you can see white leather bed is bringing about a very sleek, stylish look and feel.


A designer’s home

By decking up your home with designer picks- here loving the chair.

|7| |8|

By right gadgets

Find latest gadgets with aesthetic value- coffee maker, lights, built in stoves, refrigerators..


Go all form & no function(well almost)

Keeping things minimal- like this entryway. Decked with things more to do with form(almost no function) The piece should be one in thousands.

|10| |11| |12|

Adding artistic value to it

Products of scuptural value can completely change the whole feel- even one would do the magic. The red screen(10), the wood rest chair & concrete bath tub(11), the study table & cowherd carpet- all doing their own talking.


Adding original modern paintings


Trendy Kid’s Room

Bringing about modern utilities to even your kid’s room- sleek, clean!


A state of the art ‘stairs’- so that even they work as a ‘piece’ in your home.

Getting that modern look is easy but we feel it also asks us to spend a lot. Do you have a way to do it otherwise, if yes, we’ll be more than interested in your tips- please share!!

A penny for your thoughts!

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