We’ve always felt- lucky are those who are experiencing beautiful snow showers this winter. For in this part of the world, the chill intensity would more or less be the same(paralyzing everything) but no snow. Its freezing us literally. Time for a little break in this monotony and gloom! What better way than through our love for the beautiful colorful interiors. Today’s Patterns Matter post is a mixed bag. Of all kinds of patterns at different places & things around home. Making us understand how to carefully use patterns  without overdoing.

Here patterns are color oriented

Arbitrary touch of patterns on two single seater sofas- not necessary color or texture matched with other things around.

Enhancing a beautiful flower patterned chair with a dark maroon backdrop.

Breaking the boring- the white leaf pattern on the sideboard.

3-D pattern on kitchen back splash!

A cozy pattern on your breakfast nook.

Classic red rose wallpaper in a modern kitchen.

Creating patterns through wallpapers- one of the first steps to bring patterns home!

Rug and floors would be the next..

Black and white make for most intersting of all patterns- better still their stripes. Read our stripes and B&W stripe posts here, here and here.

when patterns create stories..

Some bedtime ones..

The simple the better..

Spot similarities & differences in the above two bedroom images..

Boho bedroom- always full of colors, textures and patterns..

That’s what we call a true mixed bag. It’s full of so many patterns, yet the overall look is so clean- how clever!

Multicolor , multi pattern!

Two dominant colors- mixed patterns.

A mix of traditional, checkered, modern- a room pink and gray!

The easiest way to try a pattern at home!

Create one!

How much do you covet the large chevron patterned bath tub! All in all we are loving this mysterious bathroom!!

Creating a mix of colors is a difficult affair for us few but a mix of patterns is a challenge in itself, but you can achieve what you desire with a little trial and error with accents!


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