Eco wise wool plaid blanket

pendleton- a name synonymous to wool blankets has paved their way to our post for some warm inspiration today. As it is with sudden weather change, we were bound to find patterns in things that best keep us cozy- blankets! what we spotted today is not something you’ve never seen, but it is definitely something you’d always want to keep around.

Here are some of the other variant patterns. You can choose whichever suits your decor at home the most, but you definitely can’t choose a fave, because all of these are so beautiful.


These blankets are a comforting factor for two reasons- first the obvious one keeping us warm and secondly as home décor or your couch or bed. Just try throwing them here and there and you’ll know what we mean. For more ‘throwing’ options read our post here.

Another great thing about pendleton blankets is that it carries McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)‘s cradle to cradle certificate which means, the designed products are environment friendly, can be recycled and the company is helped with elimination of toxicity hazards.


Sadly, these beauties are not shipped to India. But good news is that we have two varieties of pendleton available on Amazon.

If you know of more places these can be brought home, please do share with us.

A penny for your thoughts!

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