Nothing compares to these beautiful asymmetrical animal patterns. We humans have tried copying the God’s pattern but obviously never attained the same perfection. Things such as fabrics, rugs, sleeves, coats, etc. have found their love through these patterns. But we also noticed that mostly only leopard pattern print is used for personal accessories whereas zebra pattern for home accents, and we wonder why? Our love for the patterns comes from our love for the animals.

One of the most common and most loved animal pattern is the cutest and most artistically made animal skin- zebra! Zebra pattern on rugs and carpets can totally change the look of a room. And to go an extent further, the shape of the carpet is also exactly how it’ll be a on a real zebra’s body.

You don’t necessarily need to have a black & white for the zebra pattern. We are loving the white and beige rug!

You can have them on your bathroom accessories..

Another fancied pattern- the leopard pattern bespeak of a sense of royalty.

Zebra, leopard/cheetah and giraffe patterns on bath towels

Then there are mixed animal patterns, and even a cow pattern as in the bedroom interior above- quite stunning we say!

A very interesting thing we feel about animal pattern is that they seem to be a winter pattern evoking warm feel- what do you feel about this?

These are one of the oldest used patterns and yet they retain their sheen in terms of what’s in- they always seem to be in!

‘He was a hunter, a cruel man was he?

Full of antlers was his lobby..

Tearing off the skin,  he decorated his home

He said, ’tis but a mere hobby!’

We also want to put forward our point that we are totally against the killing of these innocent wilds for their skin. If you love them so much, create your own or enjoy watching them roam in the forest!


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