Yellow Home Decor Accents

not everyone is quite comfy with the color yellow as far as home decor goes. Forget the all yellow, some are scared to put even rims of it. But once you overcome your Xanthophobia(fear of color yellow), you’ll realize its a great color and is capable of lots of things that other colors can’t…It can brighten up a place, accentuate a space, even change moods envoking happy feelings. Now, what more reason do you need to bring yellow home here & there in the form of accents to begin with.


Apart from sun, yellows draws its inspiration from flowers- a whole story is happening in the above mug.             



Loving how a black patch is created asymmetrically on this yellow rug with black border.     


Place vases here & there.


Or hang them- celing light pendants; broad framed mirrors.



These are beautiful, aren’t they? One with shades of yellow, the other with origami! But the first one is not available here and you won’t want know the price of the second one, all we can say is that it’s in 5 digits- phew!



Two things common in these two lovely products- both spotted in etsy and both are vintage!



Love the poster!!

Seating can be one of the great ways to bring yellow-small or big- chair, stool or garden couch!  

Loving this fabric and imagining curtain or table spread out of it, we can also get a sqaure framed as wall hanging- what do you think??

A penny for your thoughts!

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