Neon Pink and Neon Green for Home Decor Accents!

when it comes to using neon in home décor we have come to realize, only seeing is believing. The more ideas we saw, more comfortable we got with using it around home(here). In fact, we feel inspired. Up till now, we have talked about(here) using them with other balancing elements to subdue the intensity. How about looking at them individually and and getting to understand them better. For today we chose two neon colors..

Are neons only for signages, marriage and birthday decorations?




If yes, which two colors are the brightest? Red,Orange,Yellow, Blue..

How about fluorescent Pink & Green… umm.. sounds good to us. Would you at all mind sleeping here?

So we are giving pink & green a shot. We are doing a round-up of ten accents each. The more you see them, the more you’d want to incorporate them around home. We bet.

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We all love trunks these days, especially vintage. Many of us are reviving our old ones which we thought aren’t useful enough. If you’ve found yours, how about painting them in neon pink(1).

How easy it gets with the use of a different texture for the top can be understood by the nightstand(2) and accent table(5). Not to mention how much we are craving the hot pink felt material planter..

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Even a slight hint of neon can do the magic(6) and if you combine this streak with gray(7)- awesome!!

Now, if you serve anything in this hot pink serving bowl(8) be wary, people are going to talk more about the bowl and not much about the what you served.

We call this playing safe- throws, cushions(9) (10) whatever you call them are one of the best ways for trials and errors.

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Now a days we all have colorful accessories in our kitchen, even the boring electric gadgets are no more plain grays & blacks. Infact, its easy to find bright colorful objects in kitchen than any place else at home. And neon has been there for quite a while now. We are simply loving this green hand mixer(1).

Great study lamps are one of those things that we never seem to find with the qualties we expect it to possess. This green lamp(2) is quite close. With tit-bit organizer, book/ipad stand- it’s not asking for too much, is it?

6 7 8 9 10

Who would dare say no to that cute little lime green deer planter(6)?? 

The neon green + pink both sides blanket(10) is perfect example that both these colors work wonders when together too!!

One very amazing thing about these neons are that they don’t look ‘Sad’. At all times they look happy, they seem to be telling us to go out there are be… Now, having said that, ‘neons’ at home can’t be a bad idea. How you want to bring them is totally up to you!!

A penny for your thoughts!

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