Touch of fluorescent at home!

fluorescents are not from different planets, many of us have started accepting and including it in our daily lives, without fear! Today we'll take a deeper look (with interior examples) of how we can apply neon colors around home effectively.


Here, as you can see just a border strip of pink neon on the crate, enough to do the required effect. This kind of effect are good for those who are at first scared of neon at home. Also notice the grayish-green color of the wall, one of the best practices of using neon- yes neon & gray go together very well.


A similar thing have been tried here in the above pic- Gray & pink. Also instead of permanent neon, a throw with neon border in kept on the couch.


Another of pink and gray- here neon(pink) is used to highlight the stool amongst white dining table and chairs.

Neon red- see how the intensity is broken down by gray color and leather texture. 


Another way of using neon(here red) is using them in bits on wood. The brown of wood and it's natural textures perfectly balances the whole scene.


Here, the bright green is balanced and highlighted with wooden floor below and off-whites on walls and hanging painting & light pendant.


This bathroom sports cool green sink on a B&W patterned floor.


Another of gray days- glitzy green door is enhanced by plain gray wall on side and striped gray wall on the other.


This home has tried everything- whites, more colors, beiges, B&W and everything. Still nothing seems overdone or wrong. The secret behind this is the balancing act: neon yellow chair!


Use lots of whites with neon(yellow chair) if you want to more use more colors.


Use black if you want to highlight something (yellow typo on wall).


And both if you want to keep your options open.


Textures, textures, and sudden neon(here orange throw pillow)- goooood!!!


Now, this one's serene- light grays, woods, whites and a  hint, just a bit one neon(here orange)


The orange industrial floor lamp on textured floor lamp.


A very interesting use of all neon colors here in kitchen. In bits and pieces, the best one is the orange neon tap!

So, lets now understand in a nutshell how we can use these florescents:

  • 1 Use just a strip of neon
  • 2 Play with neon in combination with gray
  • 3 Make use of more wood textures when using neon
  • 4 Neon can be easily balanced with patterns
  • 5 Use around whites for a subdued effect
  • 6 Neon is highlighted when used with black

​Hope more than this post (and this), the decor of these beutiful interiors inspire you use neon at home effectively.

A penny for your thoughts!

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