while looking for something different this time in terms of neon but not the usual colors, we found something that is gorgeous at looks and at the same time something that’s a must have in our Kitchens today!! The neon mustard Mechanical Diet Scale was spotted on Limeroad. Limeroad has more of such quirky yet useful products to help us accentuate our kitchen…

We love this scale for how easy it makes dieting/cooking. Scale comes with easy-to-read dial in oz or gms. It is of great use when you’re having tough time getting consistent recipes. Chances of the dishes coming out the same each time is great when ingredients are measured on a scale. So say bye to measuring cups.


This scale also comes in handy if you are following a particular diet. 

Grab this compact sized kitchen scale with a maximum weighing capacity of 500g (1lb). This scale is ideal for measuring precise portions.

  • Colour : Mustard
  • Material : Plastic
  • Microwave friendly : Yes
  • Dishwasher friendly : Yes

Get yourself one from- LIMEROAD !

Price of the Mechanical Diet Scale : INR 949/-

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