neon- we can’t get away when talking about neon and not mentioning fashion. After all, neon in home décor get’s most of its inspiration from there.  Though we don’t even know ‘f’ of fashion but, we can always use our common sense and aesthetic eyes to get inspiration ourselves- to get started! But before we take a plunge into home decor styles, here is our take on neon in fashion accessories for women, sorry boys!

We start with this cool idea- one streak of neon yellow eye shadow!

All sorts of jewelries are available, just look around and get a matching necklace, earrings, rings, etc.

You can pair them with dull colors- works best. Gtes all the attention it needs too + the sober colors balance neon’s intensity.

From head to toe- do you dare to deck yourself with an ‘all neon’ look??

You can choose to paint your nails in all different neon colors.

You can even DIY your current artificial jewelries when you are bored of them- simply use spray paint. The neon green cord bracelet is made out of telephone cord, spray painted.

Loving these neon rubberbands- how they would even keep the pony at one place.

Best and most comfy way of using neon- contrast! the brown cane bag with strips of neon here and there.



An all neon multicolor accessories have limited fans now but counting.

Love how neon green is incorporated in this pair of earrings.

Clutches, watches- you just have to name the accessory and the color…

These spiked alloy bracelets(set of six) are available equally in all shades of neon.

Imagine yourself in gray boat-neck dress, now imagine this hot pink running over your waist- well, we think our fashion sense is not that bad after all.

Well, now that we’ve been able to sneak in neon in our wardrobe(must say that was smooth), we believe home decorating would be great fun..looking forward, are you too??

A penny for your thoughts!

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