How to get a vintage look home!

if you want this look, you’ll always regret discarding grandpa’s radio, rest chair and other stuffs. We don’t realize their value at that point of time. Value not in terms of monetary(they were priceless). Those were so handsome & comfortable- and we can never get it back. Decorating home in those valuable vintage-style accents is great fun and the result is tried and tested- amazing!

So, before discarding think twice..

It can be your grandma’s old sewing machine,

Or your granddad’s old camera!

Today, we bring you ideas in the form of all the elements you can use to bring that look. Don’t worry about ‘where will I get all those vintage stuffs from?’. There are quite a few options out there- flea markets(if you’ve an eye- you’d definitely find something), vintage is in- you can find distressed looking products in stores, or you can even upholster your new furniture in old-style furnishings.

We’ve chosen turquoise for this purpose- we feel it’s one color that stands perfectly between old and new. By the way, do you feel the same too?



If you want an immediate effect- get old wallpaper designs on the side where you are planning the vintage look and feel. If you are planning it for whole of your interior- you can even try pastel shades on walls .



Get a classic metallic finish wall sconces- match them with other accessories and light up in classic style. This one is for bed side but you can use it as your ceiling lighting too.


Old wooden frame

Do you’ve an old painting, or rather do you have an old frame, good. Now, ask your mom for an old black & white pic, enlarge it and hang it on your wall. If you can’t find an old frame, check this DIY to get the look.


Old wooden lamp stand

not very hard to find- just make sure the shades are old styles.


Side table

Get a small worn-out side table, if your parents own one, may be you barter it for a hug:)


Chair, lounge, couch, armchair

One of the very important things- it is the center of the whole look and has to be selected carefully. If you already have one then make sure you deck other stuffs around it. For more of old world chairs, read our post here.


Cushions/Throw pillows

Get your hands on neutral colored cushions with floral embroidery or you can go with big floral, leaf, peacock, or any other bird patterns.


Pouf/Ottoman/Leg rest

If you get your hands on a colored leather piece, feel lucky. Bean bags won’t do.



if you still have a telephone connection, please get an old set(even if you are not doing this look). You can find old-look phones with modern features, here



There are worn out , over dyed carpets available for that perfect look. But if you are not comfortable- get geometric patterned rugs.


Old crates

Find old crates for your magazines. (Ask your fruit vendor)


Old turntables

This is not a suitcase as it seems so- it’s a turntable(Crosley AV Room Portable USB Record Player) for that perfect old look of your corner. whether open or closed- it sets the perfect mood. If you can’t find this- old gramophones would do.



Not in the least, a very important element for this look against your wall. Again, these are not very hard to find, you can always change the finish.


Table clock/ Wall clocks/ Pendulum clocks

Thank you grandpa for that piece! If it’s not in working condition, get it replaced with new clock mechanism.


Other decorative/ Old china/Ceramics

You can always use you old  decoratives, left over chinas to complete the look.

This kind of look will not only look great, the process of getting to it will also be quite fun. Hope you enjoyed.

A penny for your thoughts!


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