Modern Kitchen Accessories

we must admit that these modern kitchen tools are truly whimsical. Technology has made it possible for all our imaginations to come to life. Whatever texture, form, finish, color or material you want, you can have it. These modern kitchen accents are true examples of it. Also, since the globalization of our eating habits and plethora of television channels(with their avant garde kitchens) and food blogs- we all have truly started living for eating. And so cooking nowadays is fun- a stress buster! There is a boom in kitchen industry too for all kinds of tools to make cooking easy and presentation beautiful. This has been done keeping in mind not just their function but they also take an extra step to make them look what we call- simply fab!

Yes, vintage excite us but these modern accessories surprise us. Today, we have brought a round-up of 20 such amazing tools that help us in our cooking process and decorate our kitchen- killing two birds with one stone!

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Keep/store your breads in these stylish boxes- feel fantastic every time you take one out!!

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These are the perfect racks to stack few table wares that we either use daily or when we have a guest or two.  They make a perfect for a perfect showoff accessory too.

As you can see in the first one- comes in three types- a) large one- for plates, cups, etc; b) small one for cups and c) a bottle holder.

The second one has a drying tray below it for perfect water straining after the dishes are washed.

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Green tea kettle can make for a great themed kitchen.

This looks like a decor flower, but no, it’s a tea strainer(6). Now, imagine how proud would you feel pouring tea using this strainer in front of your guests.

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How small details are taken care of- this ‘spoon rest’ while cooking(7) is a true example of it. The eco-friendly pan(8) is made out of recycled aluminum for a guilt-free cooking experience. The ladle(9) is silicone and wood.

|10| |11|

The beauty of wood textures are greater when combined with other materials. Loving the toaster- aluminum and wood and also the porcelain and wood mortar and pestle.

|12| |13| |14|

The monkey peeler- some peeling fun!!

How about a dash of polka-dots on your knife!

Color ladles to deck up your kitchen.

|15| |16|

This is how sleek a pot holder can get- easy to clean!

Isn’t this table mat something that you want for yourself, now?!

|17| |18|

With a wine stopper so cool, you’d never want to finish that bottle.

This quirky twin jug can work as a great dining table accessory.

|19| |20|

How will these colorful orchid toaster and squid whisk look on your kitchen platform!

Cooking is fun, so products associated with it has to be playful looking too, quirky, colorful and unique.

These twenty accessories that we talked about are no percentage of what’s available out there to surprise you. The idea is to keep exploring!

If this doesn’t fill your appetite, check more kitchen tools in color orange, green and white HERE.

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