it was dark, very dark, they peeped out… the only ray of hope they could see was straining through the banana tree..Moon shone even when it wasn’t a full moon day.

Children were happy.. at least they won’t have to study for a few hours now.. they knew the timing- it was load shedding.

They conspired of sneaking out.. just then mom came in with a few candles in her hands.. ‘Two for every room, she said, and two each on your tables.. finish what you started’. They were not very happy hearing this as the planning had begun long before the scheduled power cut. But they seemed determined. Not much of home work was left and with the duration of light out they will still have enough  time to play hide and seek( playing it in the dark was even more fun)…

Meanwhile other family members were sitting in the patio.. chit-chatting. One of the neighbors too had come, in the hope of some light. One of the speedy aunty suddenly suggested.. lets pass this time by singing along together.. and no sooner they were all clapping and singing.. even grandpa suggested a few popular numbers.

Inside, the kids could hear this as humming.. it grew louder and they suspicious. It was becoming difficult to concentrate. They took their candles and went out. What they saw was even more exciting than what they planned. All the candles were placed on the garden table and everyone was sitting around it- singing and rejoicing. they hurried out, placed their candles too and with one smile from their mother they were already singing their fave songs.

That’s what light out meant during those times, and that was the only purpose candles were used for back then.

When exploring candles & beautiful candle arrangements..  we thought it can’t be complete without a li’l ‘everyone’s story’. Checkout how with a few beautiful candles and knick knacks you could create an arrangement for your home.

Candles are now home decoratives and come in all shapes, sizes, colors and even aromas. They evoke a positive feeling in us and when arranged beautifully at home serve two purpose with one. Are candles your fave home decor accent too??

A penny for your thoughts!

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