while looking for brown paper bags(for a post on them, we found something even more fascinating- Le Sac en Papier(French of The Paper bag) on this lovely blog called HOMESICK. With text on white and the folded brown top, we can totally imagine how this bag can find many purposes around a home. After looking at the beautiful pictures, it seems like a must have for a home office. One good looking organizer, keeper, carrier which can even double up as a gift bag. Can you think of more…Check it out..

See how their purpose around a home office looks so promising..

Great for rolled papers- how they are always looking for a good enough organizer for themselves.

Keeping plants in a paper bag is always better than plastic ones. And these bags seem to make everything look even more prettier.

Aww.. and pets seem to have a thing for them too!

That can’t be wrong now, can they?

A penny for your thoughts!

All IMAGES from their respective sites ~via~ HOMESICK!

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